When you want to start a business your mind will be occupied with a lot of ideas. Sometimes you will never know which one to go for. At that point you need to be very focused. As long as you want to start small and you don't have financial muscles, I would advise that you choose an idea that will start generating money from a day go. Avoid ideas that will start taking money from you from the beginning. Because you do not have enough cash, choose a product or service that people can pay money upfront and not the one that you will have to wait until you deliver the service.

Starting a business is increasingly becoming easy than ever before. Many people think of office rental and other costs to start a business. But with advanced technology and market expansion, millions of people across the globe are starting businesses at home. The best way to start a business is to start small. And starting small means using the resources that are around you to jump start your journey. Think of business ideas that are within your sphere of influence. It may be an online business, a network marketing business, a small scale factory or a consulting business.

Do not let the material things define you. Don't allow your position define your identity. Things can go, positions can be taken away, what will always remain is the real you.Be known by your chartacter, that you remain happier always-Paul Mashauri

Mungu hajakuleta duniani ili ufe kimyakimya; usikubali kuondoka bila kugusa maisha ya watu wengine-Paul Mashauri

Wengi watakupenda ukubwani; lakini mama atakupenda taabani-Paul Mashauri

God can heal your broken heart but you must be ready to give him all the pieces

Maisha hayana ubingwa; usiishi kushindana na mtu; ishi maisha yako usiwe copy ya mwenzakoMaisha hayana ubingwa; usiishi kushindana na mtu; ishi maisha yako usiwe copy ya mwenzako-Paul Mashauri

You don't have to be a father to love children-Paul Mashauri

Ndoa isiyolindwa na Mungu ailindaye afanya kazi bure-Paul Mashauri

Maisha ni watu; kaa vizuri na watu upate maisha au wakwaze watu ukose maisha-Paul Mashauri